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Technology Consulting, Sales, and Services:  In-depth assessment of your IT infrastructure and functional requirements.  RJW Enterprises will propose a solution using the latest Microsoft technologies to streamline your hardware and software while maximizing your IT capabilities.

Email and Applicaton Hosting Solutions: Transition MS Office and Outlook to cutting-edge Cloud Technology. Access your email and office applications anywhere anytime. Benefits include improved functionality and the elimination of extra hardware and software costs.

 Network Optimization and Server Consolidation:  Utilize new technology and virtualization to replace costly outdated hardware.  Benefits include enhanced network performance and a substantial reduction in IT costs by eliminating the need for hardware upgrades and server replacements.

Active Directory and DNS Optimization: Optimize domain services to improve network communication and overall performance.  Provide upgrade requirements to support Server 2008 R2 features and applications.

Voice and Internet Solutions:  Analyze existing voice and internet services and available new technologies.  RJW will provide multiple vendor options and proposals with cost saving solutions for enhanced internet bandwidth and voice services.

Remote Desktop Services:  Modernize IT infrastructure by replacing outdated hardware and streamlining technologies. Benefits include a significant increase in workflow, operational efficiency, and user productivity while minimizing IT maintenance costs.

Full-Service Project Management:  Consult from initial design through implementation and technical support.  RJW will ensure that your transition will be seamless and your new technologies will be up and running with no business disruption.

Ongoing Training and Support:  Once your new systems are fully functional, RJW will provide training to users and system administrators. In addition, RJW offers continual assessments to ensure that your IT systems are operating at full capacity.

Cost Containment and Reduction Solutions:  Compare costs between your current IT maintenance expenses and RJW's proposed solution.  You will find that using virtualization will significantly reduce your costs by eliminating the need for upgrades and system replacement.

Professional Affiliations:  Microsoft Network, Microsoft Online Services, Dell Premier, HP Business, Intel Product Dealer, Cisco, Drobo, Veeam, and Symantec.










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