RJW Enterprises, LLC
"Building IT Solutions for Tomorrow" 



Strengthening IT Foundations and Reducing IT Maintenance Costs Through State-of-the-Art Technology


RJW Enterprises, LLC is a full-service IT consulting firm that provides comprehensive, cutting-edge IT and networking solutions to a select group of business clients.  For over 10 years we have developed cost-effective IT solutions that meet each client’s computing needs while maximizing return on investment. Give yourself a competitive advantage in today’s ever changing environment!!


Areas of Expertise

IT Consulting, Sales, and Services

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Services

Voice and Internet Solutions

Remote Desktop Services

Network Optimization and Server Consolidation

Server Hosting, Virtualization, and VPN Solutions

Network Design and Implementation

Active Directory and DNS Optimization

Exchange and SharePoint Online Services

Symantec and Veeam Backup Solutions

Cost Containment and Reduction

Full-Service Project Management

Maintenance and Managed Service Agreements 



Full-Service Solutions:  RJW provides all facets of networking services from initial needs assessment and planning through design and implementation.  Clients experience a significant increase in functional capability and operational efficiency by utilizing state-of-the-art technology with customized network solutions.  We eliminate the need for using multiple vendors by providing a wide range of design, maintenance, and management services.


Enhanced Performance:  Improved system reliability, uptime, security, and data integrity are some of the benefits clients enjoy by using RJW Enterprises for their IT and networking needs.  We take the time to understand each client's needs so we can create appropriate solutions, streamline business processes, and minimize overall IT costs.


Service:  Because RJW Enterprises accepts only a limited group of accounts, we are able to establish strong alliances with each client.  RJW takes pride in exceptional service, and will always be available to answer questions and resolve critical issues.


Why RJW Enterprises?

Robert J. Waples (business owner) is a dedicated IT and networking professional with cutting-edge expertise in the latest technology.  RJW’s clients can count on optimal system performance and reliability because Waples maintains the latest certifications and understands changing developments, applications, tools, systems, and technologies.  RJW Enterprises ensures that his clients’ systems and technologies are up-to-date so they can focus on building and managing their businesses.